BioThane Keychain (Gold Series)

BioThane Keychain (Gold Series)
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These keychains are made from the same Genuine BioThane that all of our collars and leashes are made out of. Given their superior performance and durability they are ideal for:

* Marine use
* Motorcycles
* Recreational Vehicles (Atv, dirt bike, etc.)
* Work
* And any other use that you may have...

These are made from 1/2" wide Biothane and are approxamatly 3 1/2" long and come with a 1 1/8" diameter key ring that fits in your pocket nicely.

We offer two different hardware options; Nickle Plated Steel and Solid Brass.  Our Solid Brass is excatly that, solid Brass, not brass plated.

BioThane also comes in a wide selection of bright vibrant colors. All of our keychains are personally handmade by myself, if there is a custom product or size that you are interested in please contact us.

^^^ (See color selection guide)

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