BioThane Belt Loop Keychain (Gold Series)

BioThane Belt Loop Keychain (Gold Series)
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Make sure that you dont leave your keys behind again and fasten them right to your belt loop!!!!  Our belt loop keychains are made from the same Genuine BioThane and hardware that all of our collars and leashes are made out of.  Given their superior performance and durability they are ideal for:

* Marine use
* Motorcycles
* Recreational Vehicles (Atv, dirt bike, etc.)
* Work
* And any other use that you may have...

These are made from 1/2" wide Biothane and are approxamatly 5 1/2" long from the tip of the snap to the bottom of the split ring.  Each keychain comes as depicted in the picture above (keys not included).

We offer two different hardware options; Nickle Plated Steel and Solid Brass.  Our Solid Brass is excatly that, solid Brass, not brass plated.

BioThane also comes in a wide selection of bright vibrant colors. All of our keychains are personally handmade by myself, if there is a custom product or size that you are interested in please contact us.

^^^ (See color selection guide)

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